Thursday, 25 February 2010

Operation Story

Hello blog Land,

I am back! I am going to try to give you as many details as I can about the last 3 days because it could give a fair ideas to thos undergoing surgery soon of what to expect.

Monday 22nd : operation day

6.30am: I left the hotel with Jenni and Karen the 2 other girls having surgery as well to go to the hospital. On the trip I was stressing more and more.

7.00 am : I arrived in the hospital got my bracelet on, and was brought to my room. I shared my room with a lovely belgian lady who was getting a gastric sleeve operation.

8 am: 3 nurses struggled to get as much blood as they needed for the blood tests so had to try in different places. I have massive bruises on my arms (will post a picture of that in the next post)

8.30am: the surgeon visited me in the room to explain all the procedure, he also said my operation should be just before 12.

9am: i decided to go in the girls' room next door to chat while I was waiting. we started chatting.

9.30 am: one of the nurses comes in the room and start moving Karen's bed. Karen thinks its her turn so goes in the bathroom. and another nurse comes in and says actually it's in the next room first: ME!! surprise! I wasn't even in my sexy gown yet so went to the bathroom and go changed and was wheeled down to the operating theatre.

9.40 am : I was brought to a first room where there was several people waiting on their bed there. they put contension bandages on my legs. put the IV in.

10.00 am : they brought me into the operating theatre, it was freezing. i remember walking to the table, it looked like a big gingerbread man shape to me. it was narrow and uncomfortable. one of the nurses put an oxygen mask on my face, she strapped me to the table and I hated the fact that I could see my reflection in the big lamp above me. the surgeon's assistant asked ho i was feeling i said I was scared so he asked me if I would like some music on. and explained the anesthesiologist would come now. It was a lovely lady with fashinable glasses and a nice necklace. she said that she would now inject the anesthetics and it would hurt a lot in my arm. IT DID HURT A LOT but lasted 2 seconds.

I woke up in the recovery room. I don't know what time it was. my throat was hurting a lot. and my nose was itchy, i scratched it and i had a lot of dried blood under it the nurses came several time to ask how i was. it took me a little while to wake up.

12 am : I was wheeled back to my room. The lady in the room was back too and asleep on her bed. James was not in the room yet. I was feeling very sleepy. James arrived in the room I was really happy to see him.

The afternoon I slept, then felt very sick, had some vomitting episodes, walked a bit, slept again, vomitted again... then James left, the surgeon visited me twice after the operation to see how i was getting on.

During the night I was sleeping 2 hours then waking up for an hour then slept again and waking up again.

tuesday 23rd : why did I do this to myself???

6.00 am : The nurse came to remove my IV. It left a very nasty and sore bruise.

7.00 am : X-ray with barium swallow. Barium is probably one of the most disgusting things I have ever drunk. but it was nice to see that Sammy was finally there hidden in the middle of a lot of white patches which I was told was Gas.

7.30 am: I was given some orange juice it went down fine in the beginning. Then I got dressed and I could not put trousers on my belly was so swollen (see picture below) and I could not put my bra on either so put my pj's bottoms on with a very loose shirt.

I went back to sleep for a while and when I woke up the nightmare started. I was feeling so sick and it's the type of moments when you know the only thing that is going to relieve you is to actually be sick. I could not control it except nothing was coming out and it was hurting like hell. Eventually up came some of the orange juice.

10.00 am : the taxi driver came to pick us up. we were all feeling so sick. the trip in the car felt so long. we stopped by the pharmacy to get our prescriptions. Up came more of the orange juice. And finally arrived at the hotel. up came the end of the orange juice.

I went to sleep for a few hours and was feeling better but then started suffering really bad gas pains. This feeling is so painful. just slept on and off.

wednesday 24th : a long trip back.
I managed to sleep a bit more so feel a bit better. Spent a lot of time resting in bed.
1pm: i had a shower and it felt so good! I have waterproof dressings on the incisions so im allowed showers.
2pm: went to say goodbye to Jenni who was going home. Karen has gone early in the morning.
I stayed in bed watching French TV all afternoon. I had a slim fast shake over a few hours.
6pm: the taxi driver came to collect us at the hotel.
6.30 pm : we arrived at the airport and waited around until boarding.
9.25pm : flight finally took off, a bit late. The flight went fine I had my pillow against my tummy during the turbulences and it was very helpful.
10.05 pm: (local time) the flight landed in Dublin but we had to wait until 11.20 to get the bus to Belfast. So we sat at a coffee shop and I had a latte.
11.20 pm: we took the bus to Belfast and I managed to get a bit of sleep.
1.45 am : we arrived in Belfast and took a taxi home.
2.00 am : HOME SWEET HOME!!! I've never been so happy to see my house ever.
Thursday 25th : now I know what shoulder tip pain is!
I overall felt better today until shoulder tip pain started, i thought I was done with gas pain but this was just horrible. the only thing that calms it down is to put some heat on my left shoulder and walking around a bit. How long is this going to last??
My friend Yuna visited me and stayed with me on the couch with a quilt on and chatted it was nice. She also brought me some flowers and nesquick powder :)
I received a few get well soon cards too its so nice to have people thinking of you and supporting you in a moment like that. It is probably one of the moment in my life I will remember forever as this will change my life forever ( I hope).
Tomorrow my friend Sam is arriving from France and I'm so happy I haven't seen him for such a long time!
I have so much reading to do on your blogs. I will do that over the next week. Thank you so much for your support it really helps me a lot.
Could you tell me how long it took for the gas pain to go? do you have any tips on how to ease it?
I hope you haven't fallen asleep in the middle of this post. I hope you have a nice friday.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Hi guys!

I am officially banded! still in the hotel in Belgium. The operation went very well but I have been very sick from the anesthetics and suffering very badly from gas pains. Starting to feel better now so just updating this very quickly. I will do a long post with pictures very soon when I am better. Thank you for all your support it really helped!

Joey and Janelle I hope everything went fine for you and you are not in too much pain. I have been thinking of you two a lot.

I'll back back in blogland soon.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

DAY-1 :Belgium the beginning of the journey!

Hi guys,

Good news I have an internet connection so I will be able to keep you updated on my trip to Belgium. I will try to take as many pictures as I can.

We left the house at 1.30 am to go to the Bus Station to take the 2am bus to Dublin Airport

We had snow during the whole trip, but we arrived at the airport at 4.15 am. We checked in and got a bite to eat before going through security.

I slept during the whole flight. We landed 20 mins early because the wind was pushing the plane.

We arrived in Brussels at 9.15 (local time) and met with Ignace our taxi driver. Ignace works with my surgeon to pick up patients from the airport and is in charge of all the transfers between the hospital, the hotel and the airport. He told me there would be 2 other girls with me there that are flying from England but they would arrive later. The Hotel is brand new it is very modern. the room is not massive but it's enough for us.

I had told you I would show you a picture of the presents my friend Yuna brought me on friday night and here they are! she lent me her lucky bunny (the little blue one) she carries it to all her exams, etc... and she always succeeded so I can have him with me. And she brought me some supplies to knit a scarf. I have already started it. The brown rabbit is my new one, his name is Valentin. He will be there when my fiance has to go back to the hotel tomorrow night and I have to stay in the hospital.

I finally had some sleep, then had a shower and Chris the patient care manager came over to bring me an information pack and answer all the questions I had. He also gave me a questionnaire to fill in for the anesthesiologist. And then he told me I was allowed to have a last big dinner. The only place around is McDonalds and here is what my last dinner before the band was... not very healthy but I enjoyed every bite of it and it was allowed so I don't feel bad about it.

This time this is it! in 8 hours I will be in the hospital. I don't know yet the time of the actual operation as there is several of us but I hope to have it as early as possible. I will let you know on tuesday how it went.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Off to Belgium in 4 hours...

Just a message before I go to the airport. I am leaving in 4 hours. I will probably be able to update my blog one more time before the operation if the hotel has an internet connection but in case I can't I just wanted to say see you in bandland!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Thank you
for voting for me :)

Here are the rules:

* Thank the person who nominated you for this award
* Copy the award and post it in your blog;
* Link to the blog of the person who nominated you;
* Tell seven interesting things about yourself;
* Nominate seven bloggers and;
* Post links to the blogs of your nominees

Interest things about me:

1. I am not originally from Northern Ireland. I am French, I moved to the UK 4 years ago. English is not my first language I learnt it at school and University.

2. I love Geeks, I am a bit of a geek myself.

3. I have a phobia of crickets and grasshoppers. I also am very scared of medical places and doctors especially the Dentist, clowns, height.

4. I love to learn random things from people. I love to learn new things and skills.

5. Everytime I had something difficult to overcome in my life I had a rabbit (a soft toy rabbit) to have with me. I even have a brand new one for my operation.

6. I love to play the sims, the wii, my nintendo DS. And I love to watch reality TV shows although I am aware that several of them are very stupid they make me feel more clever.

7.I don't have any pets but would love to have a Cavalier King charles.

My nominations:

1. Joey : I love the way she writes, and we are having surgery the same day so i can really relate to her a lot.

2. Janelle : She is having the surgery the same day as me as well and I can really identify myself in her Blog.

3. Amy : She is the first blog I found and was my first inspiration. Her pictures gave me so much motivation when I was doubting and wondering if I was doing the right thing. Thank you for putting your pictures up it really helped me.

4. Jen : I found and still find her blog very useful and her pictures look amazing.

5. Kim : she always leaves very nice comments on my blog and I really like to follow hers.

6.Lapbandgal : Her blog is very inspirational.

7.GirlBandit : One of the most supportive commenters on my blog. Thank you so much for the great support.

Thank you to all of yous writing comments on my blog your support is great! I would nominate all of you if I could I never knew I would find so much support here and it is amazing. THANK YOU.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

D-4 Blog Makeover and shopping

Good Evening everyone.

less than 5 days to go now aaaaaaah! I'm really getting nervous now! It is becoming real... I am also very excited but getting really scared now. I can't wait for the surgery to be done, any advise on how to relax before surgery??

My friends Yuna and Jennie are visiting me tomorrow night to wish me good luck and say good bye to the old Julie before she comes back from Belgium reborn. They also have a little surprise for me to bring with me. I will put pictures of what it is tomorrow night.

After work I had to go shopping to buy a few things. There is not a lot of shops where I can buy plus size clothes here so I often go to Evans (not sure if you have it over in America) I had to buy some non-wired bras for after the operation, some slippers, and I wanted to get some tracksuit bottoms to be comfortable on the trip back.
The woman in the shop recognises me everytime (they don't get that many french customers ) she is always very helpful. She asked me what I was after and I told her. She helped me to get the right size of bra, and was wondering why I wanted some non-wired ones. I explained I was undergoing surgery. Then I was looking some tracksuit bottoms with a confortable waistband and she asked again why i didnt want to get some fancier ones. This Lady is always lovely and I know she is trying all sorts of diets as I chatted about that with her before so I thought I could tell her the truth. She was so happy for me and explained her daughter had done it as well and she wished she was brave enough to do it.
She advised me to wear leggings as they were a lot more comfortable and I already have some. She advised me not to spend my money on more expensive clothes as I will not keep them for long. I don't have any shoes to wear with leggings so she found me a pair of boots (UGG style) really warm and comfy, they were half price! I had a dress on top of my jeans today she showed me how nice it looked with leggings and the boots.
I am pleased that this woman did not take advantage of me wanting to buy things and was very honnest with me.

I also got some Hello Kitty Socks in H&M, and pretty slippers.


Good night everybody.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

First appointment at the aftercare clinic

Good Evening,

Keping you updated on my first appointment with the bariatric nurse who will be in charge of my aftercare for 3 years.

I got to the clinic, it is situated on a very nice street. The receptionnist directed me to the waiting area. A nice room with big sofas, plants, relaxing music, a big flat screen describing all the services this clinic can offer. I felt really at ease I soon as I got in that room. I have a fear of medical places. But in this one there was no funny smell, It reminded me of the waiting room of a very fancy psychiatrist that you see in some movies.

The Nurse, Wendy opened the door and out came a lady with a big smile on her face, she gave Wendy a hug and said hello to me. I came in the room, there was the equipment to do an ultrasound, a nice comfortable armchair. I filled in some papers, did a few tests and the I met a Band. for some reason I thought it was not that flexible. I felt like I was holding a new friend in my hand. my surgeon uses 3 types of bands and will decide which one to give me during the operation.

Because I am getting married in July, Wendy explained they had a program you could follow for a quicker weight loss so I can be down quite a bit of weight before the wedding, I decided I would go for that it is basically low fat no carbs high protein. After this I will move on to eatig small quantities of all kind of healthy food.

Wendy asked if I was planning to have children, she said my chances to get pregnant will increase as I lose weight. I explained how much I wanted to have children. Not just yet but I wouldnt like to wat too long. Have any of you been pregnant with the band?
Wendy explained that if I was to get pregnant in the next 3 years my pregnancy would be followed by her as welland it was included in the price of my package.

I am extremely pleased with the whole team following me I wasnt expecting for everything to go that well to be honnest. I am so pleased. I hope the team in Belgium will be as good.

I left the clinic and decided not to get a taxi home but walk to the bus stop (20 mins) stopped by Boots to buy some more slim fast shakes.

I have done 30 mins on the wii fit tonight and I am going to go to bed soon.

just 6 days left to the operation, the nerves are starting to kick in but the excitement is still the biggest feeling there.

Good Night everybody.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Why I am going to Belgium for my surgery...

After Girl Bandit's comment from last post, I realised I never explained before why I am going to Belgium and not staying in the UK for my surgery.

The Health system has some difference in Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Living here there was no way for me to get the operation paid for. I am lucky enough to have my parents paying for it as a present. So I am doing it with a private clinic.

They have several clinics in the UK and Belgium and gave me the choice. The operation is not done in Northern Ireland so I had the choice to travel either to England or Belgium.

The hospital costs in Belgium are a lot lower than in the UK and the operation has been done there for a lot longer. The surgeon I chose was the most experimented and he speaks french too. I don't know which language I will be speaking when I wake up from the anesthetics as English is not my first language. So having the same first language as him is quite handy.

The package I had with the operation includes a 3 years aftercare program which is done here in Belfast. I am actually meeting my bariatric nurse tomorrow face to face for my pre op check up. I am going to have a bunch of tests done and she sends of everything to the surgeon in Belgium to have for the operation.

Here is my program this week end:


8am - 4pm : work


2am : Taking the bus to Dublin Airport ( 2.5 hour trip)
6am: flight departure
9.30 am: arrival in Brussels
Taxi transfer to our hotel
6pm : meeting with my surgeon's patient care manager


6.30 am: Taxi to the hospital
Night in the hospital

Tuesday :

10 am: taxi back to the hotel


the nurse is visiting me to change my dressings
6pm: taxi transfer to the airport
9.15pm: flight back to Dublin

Bus back to belfast


I think it is going to be quite tiring but it will be well worth it. I wish you all a good evening and will let you know how my appointment went.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

D-7 first weigh in day...

Hi Guys,

Just one week to go before the operation. Tomorrow is my pre op apppointment with my bariatric nurse. After one week on the pre op diet I am happy to tell you the results:

Weight: 142.2kg
weight loss this week: 4.400kg (9.7 lbs)

So I can now confirm that the wii is accurate only if you weight in in the morning before eating anything. But I shouldn't listen to it if it is at different times of the day.

I also lost a few inches on my body or should I say cms...

Boobs : 124cm (-3cm)
Chest : 112 cm (-1cm)
Waist : 113.5 cm (-1cm)
Hips : 153.5 cm (-3.5 cm)
Thigh : 85 cm (-)
Upper arm : 48.5 cm (-0.5cm)

I am very pleased with those results and I am hoping to go under 140kg before the operation. I will have to weigh in on saturday morning so not a full week as I have to fly to Belgium for the operation and won'y have my scales with me to weigh in just before the operation. So my official before surgey weight will be 2 days before the surgery but sure it doesn't really matter.

I am trying to motivate myself to get out of bed to go to work but it is very cold out of it. So I will stay for another 5 minutes before I need to get ready. Have a nice monday.

Friday, 12 February 2010

A great productive day ( long post ahead)

Hi Everybody!

I feel great today. I had a very productive day! and I am feeling happy! So I am going to tell you about it!

I woke up around 9, I was off work today as I am working tomorrow. I stayed in bed and enjoyed that for an hour or so, watched a bit of TV ( I like to have a relaxing time on my day off) during that time I tried a Banana Slim Fast... I am trying to find the best words to describe how bad it was... basically the first sip wasn't too bad but as I was having a bit more it was getting more and more disgusting until the point i could not drink anymore!

My friend Yuna came to pick me up to drive to some flower shops to decide who to go for for the wedding. We met with my future mother in law. For the wedding I always wanted her to be the maid of honor but I have 2 sisters and James 2 brothers so we decided to have them doing it. My sisters are living in France so I have no girls to help and support me apart from my future mother in law. But eventhough she isnt a bridesmaid, Yuna did all these duties from the start without me even asking her to. I decided to make her my witness for the wedding, but today I realised I wanted her to have the role she should have. James's mum told me the exact same thing, that she should be a bridesmaid too. So I gave a secret phone call to ask James if that was ok with him and I think he knew how much I would have liked her to be my maid of Honor. We came back to my house and I announced her the big news, she was so happy and me too!

I now feel completely satisfied with the way things are going for the wedding like if it was THE thing that prevented me from being completely happy with everything ! And on the plus side James gets to have an extra usher who we really wanted to be part of the wedding party as well!

When Yuna left I spent a little time on the phone to James's mum to let her now Yuna now was officially my maid of Honor. And then time to exercise. I always start my exercise by doing a body test on the wii. everytime I use the same outfit but I exercise between 7 and 9 but never at the exact same time of the day so I am not sure how reliable the weight given by the wii is. I will not take the results into accout but I just wanted to let you know what it said so far...

I started on Monday
tuesday : -1lbs
wednesday : -1lbs (total : -2lbs)
thursday: break
Friday: -9lbs!!!!! (total : -11lbs)

9lbs in 2 days seems surreal to me which is why I don't want to be too happy... I will wait to see on Monday, I weigh myself in the morning when i get up after going to the bathroom and in my underwear.

I forgot to tell you what I had for the rest of the day. For lunch I had vegetables and fruit puree. And for dinner a chicken fillet and peas with some more fruit puree.

I switched my fruit by fruit puree as it is cooked fruit and my stomach has been a little upset in the last 2 days and it is easier to digest.

I have a nice week end ahead of me as well. Tomorrow I have to go to work from 8 to 4 but it is usually quiet on saturdays and we have a nice time. Then James meets me and we go to the restaurant for Valentines day (a little but in advance) I found a restaurant where I can eat even during my preop diet , they have a salad with dressing on the side and grilled chicken (no sauce either) so I will just have this. Then we go to the cinema to see up in the air. On sunday we are staying at home and doing some housework because it needs to be done.

Here are my achievements of the day:

1. I know that I don't like Banana Slim Fast Shake
2. I found the Florist for my wedding
3. The cost of it will be under budget
4. Yuna is my Made of Honor
5. I don't struggle with hunger
6. The wii thinks I lost 11lbs so far this week
7. just 10 days left to the operation
8. I am going to have a nice week end
9. I feel like I have a control of my life
10. I am happy!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

D-11 : 4th day of pre-op diet.

Hi Guys!

Just a quick post to let you know how my pre op diet is going.

Day 3 :
Surprisingly I wasn't that hungry thoughout the day.
breakfast: slim fast shake
lunch: chicken stock + an apple
dinner:chicken fillet and vegetables

30 mins on the wii fit (all cardio) I am now very in (good) pain, but after it I went for a shower and straight to bed. I slept so well.

Day 4:
I woke up in great form, a bit more hungry than yesterday but still manageable.
breakfast: slim fast shake
snack: banana
lunch:chicken fillet and vegetables
dinner: vegetables

No exercise today as advised by the nurse. I have no energy at the minute in the evenings and she advised me to have some breaks in the week for the moment.

I am going to go to bed and will write a little longer in my next post.

Good night everyone.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Getting to know me Better


2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Probably not that long ago I cry very easily


4. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCH MEAT? Saucisson : french salami

5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? No yet.

6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? I guess I will know that soon enough.

7. DO YOU USE SARCASM? I do sometimes



10. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Chocapic (french chocolate cereals)

11. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU TAKE THEM OFF? No... but I do untie them to put them back on.


14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? the way they carry themselves.

15. RED OR PINK? red


17. WHOM DO YOU MISS THE MOST? my friends and family who live in France.


19. WHAT COLOR PANTS AND SHOES ARE YOU WEARING? black leggings I had on to do the wii fit and Hello Kitty socks.

21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? watching the biggest loser.


23. FAVORITE SMELL? my fiance's


25. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Nobody sent it to me, I found it online

26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH? Figure skating

27. HAIR COLOR? Ginger

28. EYE COLOR? Blue


30. FAVORITE FOOD? where do I start? must stop thinking about food...


32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? the rescuers. yes the old disney cartoon!


34. SUMMER OR WINTER? Winter in France, Summer in Ireland


36. FAVORITE DESSERT? Strawberrie and cream cake

37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? I am not sending this so...

38. LEAST LIKELY TO RESPOND? not expecting anybody to respond

39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW? les yeux jaunes des crocodiles

40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? i don't have one


42. FAVORITE SOUNDS? songs from musicals.



45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? I can make people happy

46. WHERE WERE YOU BORN? La seyne sur mer, south of France





Hello Everyone and welcome to all the new followers!

It is mad how much more support I got since Amy talked about me on her blog. Thank you Amy!

Today is day 2 of my pre op diet.

Day 1 was very hard! Here is what I ate:
breakfast: a slim fast shake
lunch: green beans and a grilled chichen breast , an apple
snack: a banana
dinner: chicken stock, sweet corn
I really struggled with hunger. I did 20 mins on the wii fit. I was feeling very nauseous so didnt do the full 30 mins.

Day 2:
breakfast: a slim fast shake
lunch: green beans and a grilled chicken breast, an apple
snack: a banana
dinner: chicken stock, peas, lettuce
It was not as hard today and I did 32 mins on the wii fit so happy with that.

The main problem I have is acid reflux, I never had that problem before but since yesterday it started, did you have the same problem? could it be the protein shakes? or just my body not used to eat so little. Because of this I can't drink as much as I would like to because i feel like I am going to be sick if I do.

I am trying not to weigh myself everyday, I have resisted this morning but I am not sure I will be able to wait until monday...

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Official starting numbers and before pictures and thank yous

I would like to start by thanking all the new followers on my blog for their lovely comments. I woke up about 20 mins ago and found all of them. It really was a nice way to start this first day on my journey.

I now also have a lot of adventures to follow, which is great! I know I am only a newbie but if you have any questions or you need anu support you can either send a comment or a private message I will be happy to help.

As much as I hate those pictures, I will be happy to compare them to my future ones... my no make up face makes me look quite tired as well

Here are the starting numbers:

Weight: 146,6 kg ( 323.2 lbs)

Boobs:127 cm

Chest:113 cm

Waist:114.5 cm

Hips:157 cm


Upper arm:49 cm

Have a nice week, I will keep you updated on how the pre op diet is going.

a series of pictures of me before the official before pictures

here are some recent pictures of me.
me and my friend Noemie a week ago in France.

me drinking a coconut alcohol free cocktail.

Noemie and me again,

This is a tradition we have everytime we meet again everyone take a picture of themselves with a big cheesy smile.

This is me and James my fiance.

James and I last summer, with our summer tan...

D-15 last day before pre op diet

Hello Everyone,

This is it, my journey starts tomorrow!!! I am excited! I had my last dinner tonight. I decided to try a slin fast shake for my lunch to see what it tasted like. And it is actually nice! Which is good news as it will be my breakfast for the next 2 weeks.

I am going back to work tomorrow as well after 2 weeks holidays. I am not going to say I want to go back to work but I am happy I am while i do the pre op diet as if I am busy I will want to eat less than if I am at home. Another 2 weeks after I will be off for 2 weeks again and I am sure it is gonna go very fast.

This is a picture of my last meal . It is probably the last time in my life I will be able to have such a big dinner but I am fine with this I am looking forward to being able to be satisfied by a small meal.

I am going to take measurements and before pictures tonight and will post everything tomorrow with my official starting weight.

I am also going to do a little begging time for more followers, I get a few more every week but I really need your support so if you read this post and you would be happy to follow this blog, please do! I fing this whole community amazing you can really get a lot of support from people who understand what you are going through.

Have a nice end of week end!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

D-18 shocked..

Hi Everyone,

I had to share something with you because you are probably the people who will understand the most why I am crying when I read most people's comments after reading the following article :

I can understand where air France is coming from even if I think what they want to do is not far from discrimination but most comments make me hate people. How can they be so mean?

I had to share that because I am angry, angry to the point that I would like to have a magic wand to make those people instantly fat and tell them to lose the weight to teach them that it is not that easy, and to make them understand how it feels to be overweight.

I am now in the ten something days before the operation, I have bought a night shirt and a dressing gown to bring to hospital with me, and everything I need for the pre op diet.

Last night I went to the restaurant for a romantic dinner before starting all this, I had my favourite meal singapore pork fillet and garlic potatoes. I put some pictures just to say goodbye for a while.

I have a very busy end of week, tomorrow, in the morning there is a man coming to fix the heating in our house, then I have to go and get some documents translated from French to English by an official translator for the wedding. And finally I have an appointment with the priest for the wedding. Saturday, I have to bake a cake to bring to a dinner at some friends's in the evening, and sunday will be a relaxing day before going back to work after 2 weeks holidays.

I am just going back for 2 weeks and then will be off for 2 weeks again for the operation.

oooh and I got a new camera yesterday I love it :)

Have a nice evening.

Monday, 1 February 2010

D-21 Back from France

Hello everybody,

Just back from France tonight. In exactly 3 weeks, sammy will be in my belly and i will be feeling comatose in the hospital. It is getting closer... I really can't wait, i want the operation to be over and done with and really start the whole adventure. In a week I am starting the pre op diet, to be honnest in France I had a lot of nice things, and will probably have some this week too. I am also going to go shopping to prepare my pre op diet, has anybody tried nice slim fast shakes? i have a bottle of a chocolate shake that i will try tomorrow but there is a lot of other flavours.
Have a nice week everybody.