Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Hello Everyone and welcome to all the new followers!

It is mad how much more support I got since Amy talked about me on her blog. Thank you Amy!

Today is day 2 of my pre op diet.

Day 1 was very hard! Here is what I ate:
breakfast: a slim fast shake
lunch: green beans and a grilled chichen breast , an apple
snack: a banana
dinner: chicken stock, sweet corn
I really struggled with hunger. I did 20 mins on the wii fit. I was feeling very nauseous so didnt do the full 30 mins.

Day 2:
breakfast: a slim fast shake
lunch: green beans and a grilled chicken breast, an apple
snack: a banana
dinner: chicken stock, peas, lettuce
It was not as hard today and I did 32 mins on the wii fit so happy with that.

The main problem I have is acid reflux, I never had that problem before but since yesterday it started, did you have the same problem? could it be the protein shakes? or just my body not used to eat so little. Because of this I can't drink as much as I would like to because i feel like I am going to be sick if I do.

I am trying not to weigh myself everyday, I have resisted this morning but I am not sure I will be able to wait until monday...


  1. Amy is like the Oprah of the Bandster blog world... if she mentions your blog you will get a ton of followers lol!! I am 13 days away from my surgery day... we must have close surgery dates!

  2. Hi Julie,

    I didn't have a problem with acid reflux so not sure what could be causing it. Perhaps your body is adjusting to the change in diet? I found the first 2 -3 days to be the worst but it got much easier after that. Just take it a day at a time.

    Take care.

  3. haha! you guys are crazy! It is just so much better when people are following you! Now...you just have to keep them! lol...you can do this by posting pictures of yourself naked, semi naked, or thinking about nakedness! Just kidding!

  4. I think about nakedness constantly so I think I am good...

    Yes, SAME DAY! I am SO excited also! My only issue now is that I told my nutritionist my starting weight and they told me to lose 13 pounds before surgery, and then I went on vacation last week and gained like 5 pounds.... OOPS! Now I need to lose 18 on my preop diet, so WISH ME LUCK hahahha, I think it will be ok if I get close....

  5. Good luck with the pre op diet Janelle, Amy I think I have done my part of semi naked pictures for the week, maybe some more after the operation keep watching this blog!
    Bianca, I can already feel a big difference between yesterday and today so Im sure it will get easier.

  6. It is the waful part...I got tummy upsets and diaharrea on the shakes but you can eat some normal food??? So it might calm down. Hang in there

  7. I'm glad a bunch of people came over!! This is such a great community!

    Keep it up with the good eating and exercising! I could NEVER exercise on the pre-op diet.. I was just glad I kept to my liquids. WHICH, btw, you are lucky you get SOME food!!! :)

  8. Yaaaayyyy! Thanks Julie for being my first follower! You, Janelle and I all have surgery on the same day. Exciting times ahead!