Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I am not dead... just growing a human being :)

Hello Band Land,

Well it's been a while ! I am not dead :)

I didn't post for a while because I don't really have much band related things to say at the moment as I am growing a human being.

I now only have 4CC in my band. The doctor asked me not to put on any weight during the first 12 weeks and then to watch my weight gain closely. Well now 16 weeks in I am down 3kg. So I am very pleased with that.

I have to say I am quite lucky with my cravings so far : steak, cherry tomatoes, clementines, fish...

I had a chocolate craving episode for a week but it didnt last. So I am very pleased with that too.

I will know if the baby is a boy or a girl on February 16th. and I can't wait !

Apart from that, not much to report really :) I will try to update this blog a bit more regularly !

Have a good day !

Saturday, 6 November 2010

I have something very important to say!!!

Hello everyone,

I know I m such a bad blogger at the moment but there is something very important I need to tell you.

In June/July there will be an extra person living in our house. I am pregnant :D

I am so happy especially after being sent for fertility treatment, we did it without it so it's a big victory!

Here is a question to all of you mums. Any tricks to deal with morning (all day) sickness? I have to be off work because it is so bad and have spent the last days between my bed and the bathroom... any advice is welcome :D

I know it should stop at the end of the first trimester and if it is what you have to go through to have a baby then fair enough.

I had to get unfilled a bit but they will not unfill it completely but will monitor everything very closely.

I am losing weight since I found out : 3kgs so thats good. They asked me to try not to put on weight during the first trimester and then I will have to try and put on not more than the baby/water/placenta/etc... weight.

I hope you are having a great week end :)

Friday, 17 September 2010

Hello Band World! I need your help!

Hello Band World,

I really deperately need your help. I haven't been on blog land for a little while because for some reason that I couldnt describe until right now I just couldn't do it. I am going to make a list of all the things that are in my head right now. Because I cannot write a structured text at all.
1. I need to get back on track with weight loss. I didnt lose any weight for a while, I couldn't physically eat the right food. My band was too tight and I had to get an unfill. I am fine with that but after being sick almost everytime I have eaten something for over a month I am scared of eating so many kind of food. which are the good ones for me.

2. I am starting to exercise more regularly which will help I am sure once I get the diet back on track properly. I am going swimming with my husband which I really enjoy.

3. The reason why I had a hard time coming back here is that I see you all getting skinny and I am not compared to you. And I am so happy for you but it is very difficult because I know why I am not losing weight as much as I should and it means having to face those issues.
4. I have been diagnosed with PCOS, which is something I had been dreading as I can't imagine my life without children and now being told the only way for me to get pregnant is with fertility treatment and it is going to be veru difficult. I have been referred to a fertility clinic so waiting to get a date for my first appointment.
5. I need your help because I feel down. I need your help to get back on track. I need your help because you've always motivated me. I need your help because you know what I am going through.

6. I was not asking for your help before because I didn't want to face my problems. because you would have told me things i didnt want to hear (the truth) .

I am going to add a few pictures of the wedding as my motivation to a new start of healthiness. It was the best day of my life and my husband is the most supportive and loving person in the world, he is trying so hard to help me with everything but there is times like now when he doesn't have all the answers to help me and that's why I turn to you my banded friends because I am sure you will find the words to get me back on track.

Me and my dad in the limo.

Me and my dad at the church.

The wedding Party.

The girls (my siters, my best friend my niece and I)

James and I.

Our Cake with the little figurines I made.

I will make a slideshow with all the other pictures as there is so many of them.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I am back! and married!!!

Hello Everybody!

I am so sorry for not posting for so long! I was very busy with the wedding. I need to get back to blogging as soon s possible, tell you all about the wedding and showing you all the pictures, here is one as a preview :) I haven't been able to follow your blogs either in the last month or so. So it's gonna take me a while to catch up but i will eventually.

I will tell you more in details about how it is going foodwise but here are a few numbers for the moment.

Weight loss to date : 16.7 kg (36.8lbs)

Band : 7.5CC /10CC

Have a good Sunday!

Monday, 7 June 2010

another little update

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry I haven't posted for a while, everything has started to become hectic with the wedding, and I didnt think I had done enough bandwise to blog about.

I don't know what to think about the band at the moment. I was supposed to get a fill today but it didnt happen. My usual bariatric nurse was not there as she had an operation recently, and there was a man replacing her. H e was not mean but I am used to Wendy who is so nice and I must have been expecting this man to be as nice and he wasnt.

He said I did not need the fill. As I was still losing weight and that I had several stuck/sickness episodes in the last week. He thought a fill would make this worse.

I know I am losing weight but I am losing very slowly, too slowly copared to what I expected and slower than I did on most diets before. Usually around 5 lbs a month.

I just didnt feel supported by that man,and I was feeling really sad after the appointment. I feel a bit better now. I had a chat with James and he convinced me to write a blog.

I dont really know why I am sad, or wy I feel I am not doing good because I am doing better than the girls I chatted with today but I do feel this way, and I am used to Wendy motivating me when I feel like that.

I have been away from the blogs because I don't have time to follow them as much as before but I think today was an emergency. And I think it makes me realise how much I need the support I get in Blogland and I need to make more time to follow them again.

Ps: On a positive note, the Boob cream does work!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Hen Night at

Here is a preview of what happened during my Hen Night, I have to go to work so will post the full story later on :)