Monday, 17 May 2010

Boob cream, hen night, birthday and BFF

Hello my little banded (or not) friends,

I am a terrible blogger, I Haven't been in blogland in the last 2 weeks. I was so busy!

This post might be a bit long to tell you about several things... During the last few weeks I have lost a bit more weight, I am now down 14.3 kilos (31.5lbs) . Knowing the week ahead of me there is a big chance that i will put some weight on this week though.

I had my second fill, the nurse put 2 ccs in so I am now at 5.5 ccs and I an definetely feel some restriction it is not the best restriction i could have i think but I definetely feel a great difference. I have also discovered some of my problem food the worst one that is getting stuk everytime is quorn sausages, it just doesnt go down...

I eat a lot less but the head hunger is hard to fight... I started exercising again which I hope will help with the weight loss. My foot is better but the plantar fascitiis pain comes and goes.

I have found a new great product: Boob cream! From Lush it is called lovely jubblies! the results so far are very promising. I will keep you updated on how it works. I am getting quite concerned about my boobs as they never seem to stop shrinking, I wish my bum was trying to compete with them too in the shrinkage competition...

This week there is two big events for me,

On thursday it's my birthday, I will be 25 years old. I am working during the day but will be having a birthday dinner at my favourite restaurant with some friends in the evening and I am really looking forward to that.

On Saturday is my Hen Night, I cannot tell you much aboit ot yet as it is all a surprise to me. I am being picked up at 12 by my best friend and then I don't know anything.

Talking about my best friend it's about time I tell you about her. I have known her for only 2 years but I never got on so well with a girl. I usually have issues to trust girls, my closest friends apart from her are boys. I have always dreamt to have a best girl friend that I can share everything with but never found one until I met Yuna. I am so happy that I have found her. To organise my hen night she has to put up with a lot of cr*&%£&p from other people including people who we thought were our friends, but turned out to be very selfish self centered people. She's always very supportive with everything I do and always there for me. And you know what it feels great to have such a good friend !!

I will let you know how my week went and will catch up on your blogs as quickly as I can. Sorry for not comenting lately I really didn't have the time. I will try to take pictures of the 2 events to share them with you!

Good night xxx.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

very quick weigh in update before going to work...

Hi guys,

guess what? Ifinally got out of that month of not losing much! and the verdict for this week: A LOSS OF 2 KG (4.4lbs) finally it is starting to go down again woohoo! it is now 13.4kg that's 29.5lbs yaaaay!

I have to go I will post more about my week end tonight have a good monday everybody!

How Gilly saved my Wedding Gift list

Gilly you truly are a superhero!

We did not have a wedding gift list yet and I was starting to worry a lot. But thank you you I now know exactly what I want. I will have three of the flatulence absorbing blankies! If their material is used by the army they have to be the best! My marriage could have been a failure even before it started but thank to you we will live happily ever after!