Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I am not dead... just growing a human being :)

Hello Band Land,

Well it's been a while ! I am not dead :)

I didn't post for a while because I don't really have much band related things to say at the moment as I am growing a human being.

I now only have 4CC in my band. The doctor asked me not to put on any weight during the first 12 weeks and then to watch my weight gain closely. Well now 16 weeks in I am down 3kg. So I am very pleased with that.

I have to say I am quite lucky with my cravings so far : steak, cherry tomatoes, clementines, fish...

I had a chocolate craving episode for a week but it didnt last. So I am very pleased with that too.

I will know if the baby is a boy or a girl on February 16th. and I can't wait !

Apart from that, not much to report really :) I will try to update this blog a bit more regularly !

Have a good day !