Saturday, 23 January 2010

D-30 off to France in a few hours...

It's been almost a week I haven't written a thing. The operation is getting closer. I received my welcome pack with all the information about my pre operation diet and It is gonna be very hard:

breakfast: 1-2 eggs with no butter (omelette, scrambled, boiled or poached) OR 1 slim fast shake
Lunch : Clear consomme soup (made from 1-2 oxo or knorr cubes)
Dinner: One piece of grilled or steamed chicken or white fish or quorn
AND 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

This is going to be hard. I am starting on Monday 8th February... but I am very motivated.

I was very busy this week in work so I am happy to be on holidays for 2 weeks. I am really going to enjoy them. I am flying to France very early in the morning from Dublin so have to take the bus down to there in the middle of the night.

I've had a very lazy day and still haven't finished packing. from tomorrow it will be less than 30 days to the operation, I am very excited but starting to be a bit scared. on my list of things to bring to the hospital they gave me you need to bring a night dress, i only have very short ones or pyjamas. are pyjamas not allowed?

I wish you all a good week end.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

D-36 Lazy Sunday

First of all, I would like to thank my first followers :) It's nice to feel a bit of support.

Today I had a very lazy day, it is usually what happens on sundays. I slept until 11 then watched TV, been on the internet, did a bit more wedding planning. Then I eventually did some housework. I like to have a day in the week where i can take it easy and just do whatever i feel like doing.

I am desperately waiting for my operation pack to arrive through the post. It should be there by tuesday. There is the whole program of my trip to Belgium. I am really excited but starting to be a bit scared about the operation itself. I wonder if there is anything I need to bring like a travel pillow to have on my belly in the plane so the seatbelt is not directly presing against the stitches on the way back home, any kind of medecines i should bring, what type of clothing...

If you have any tips about that let me know.

Tomorrow is my last week in work before I go on holidays to France for a week, I have 2 weeks off, then back in work for 2 weeks and off again for 2 weeks for the operation.

For those who don't know what the band will look like I will put a picture with this post. Oh and I forgot to explain that I had named my band Sammy, because I think it is a cute name and for the days he will annoy me I preferred him to have a cute name so it would be harder for me to get mad at him.

I have decided not to tell many people about the operation, just the people the closest to me. I was quite disappointed with the reaction of a few of them... saying that they disagreed with this type of procedures and I shouldnt do it, that I was selfish because it was dangerous... I explained that it was more dangerous for me to stay at my weight than getting the operation, but they don't understand, they think that if I lose the weight I wont be ME anymore, this is the silliest thing ever but anyway... what can I do about it? Nothing will make me change my mind now.

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Here are some recent pictures of me I don't like to look at them because i don't picture myself as big as I am in my head and it is a reality check everytime i see them. But I will be happy to compare them to the slimmer me when I loose some weight.

D - 37. Wedding Planning

I am getting married in 6 months exactly today, and I have ordered my dress. the dress i tried on was a size 26 the bottom was fitting me perfect but the top was too big (I have 2 dress sizes difference between my bottom and my top) the woman in the shop advised me to get a dress that fitted my hips and we would take it in at the top. I decided to order it one size smaller as i expect to loose some weight by then but I am not sure how much...

How much did you lose in 4months and a half? I am asking this question but I don't know yet who is going to answer it... I am going to write to the blogs i have looked at to explain I have a blog and I would love to have advice from people in the same situation as me...

The Beginning of the journey

A bit about myself to start with, I am Julie, 24 years old. I am originally from France but i moved to Northern Ireland 4 years ago. I have been overweight as long as i can remember. After years of yoyo dieting without long term success, i have decided to have a gastric band operation.

The operation is on Monday 22nd February. I am flying to Brussels to have it done. I am very excited but at the same time a bit scared of the operation, I know it is a very quick procedure but I have a terrible fear of medical environnements.

Before making my decision i have read the journey of a lot of people on their blogs to know the truth about living with a band. I found that very helpful so I promised myself the day I was embarking on the journey as well, I would write a blog too. And here it is!