Saturday, 16 January 2010

D - 37. Wedding Planning

I am getting married in 6 months exactly today, and I have ordered my dress. the dress i tried on was a size 26 the bottom was fitting me perfect but the top was too big (I have 2 dress sizes difference between my bottom and my top) the woman in the shop advised me to get a dress that fitted my hips and we would take it in at the top. I decided to order it one size smaller as i expect to loose some weight by then but I am not sure how much...

How much did you lose in 4months and a half? I am asking this question but I don't know yet who is going to answer it... I am going to write to the blogs i have looked at to explain I have a blog and I would love to have advice from people in the same situation as me...


  1. Julie! I am here! Thank you for reading my blog and for telling me that you have a blog! I would have to go back and look but I think that I had probably lost at least 60 pounds by 4 months out. Maybe more. I am not sure if a size 26 there is the same as a size 26 there, but for me...I started at a 26/28 and it took me about 40 pounds to lose one size. I think that you will for sure be in that one size smaller dress in 4.5 months, but you need to stay the course during bandster hell, the time after you get banded until you get restriction. You will have to rely on willpower and still follow most of the rules...even though you will be able to eat like normal!

    I cant wait to follow your journey!

  2. size 26 here is a 24 in the US. for normal clothe i wear size 3o trousers and size 24 tops. how long did it take you to get restriction?

  3. I am so lucky with the doc I have. Some doctors believe in taking it REAL slow for fills, only give a little, and don't let you come back in early. I was scheduled for my first fill 6 weeks after surgery. My doc gave me 4.5ccs (I have a 10-12cc band). I felt nothing and could still eat a sandwich with bread. SO, I wasnt scheduled for an appointment for another fill for like 8 weeks. I called the office and got in for another fill just 2 weeks after my first. He gave me a little more (i think 1.5ccs) and I could feel something, but not I called the office AGAIN and got in one week later and he gave me another fill. I finally felt restriction. THat lasted me for awhile and really helped! I didnt hit my "Sweet Spot" though until probably August. THis last little fill from October has held me all this time!

  4. Hi Julie, Im not sure when you posted this or if you've gotten a dress yet, but I was in this exact same situation. I bought my dress 1 size lower with two months advance and that was fine (though my dress was a bit tight). I've been losing weight slower than some and have lost about 35 lbs in 6 months. Getting married is super stressful and I didn't lose much weight RIGHT beforehand when it all came to a head and I was super busy.

    You really can't guess how it'll go, and bottom line you'll probably have to have your gown sized anyway. I would buy one or two sizes smaller than your current size and talk to your tailor in advance to see what any issues might be with having to have a dress sized down 4 sizes for example? will it be a big problem for the tailor to do that? probably good to know in advance. Bottom line, they can size down but not up just in case!

    Good luck can't wait to see your dress!

  5. answer to heather's post. I had a chat with the tailor and she showed me a dress she had sized down 7 sizes so I am sure it will be fine for me!
    I will post pictures of the dress after the wedding as my fiance has access to this blog and I don't want him to see my dress before the wedding.

  6. I lost a lot of weight on the preop diet but from my surgery to four months after I lost a little over 14kg which I think equates to about two dress sizes.

  7. Congratulations!! I'm still (sort of) a newly wed and I remember agonizing over my dress size like it was yesterday.

    I lost 65 pounds before my wedding in 2008. I ordered my dress 1 1/2 sizes smaller than I was when I first tried on the dress and come my wedding day it fit perfectly to my relief. I didn't need any tailoring because I got an A-shaped dress for my A-shaped body. So for me 65 pounds = 1 1/2 sizes. I'm 5'11" if that helps you!