Monday, 15 February 2010

Why I am going to Belgium for my surgery...

After Girl Bandit's comment from last post, I realised I never explained before why I am going to Belgium and not staying in the UK for my surgery.

The Health system has some difference in Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. Living here there was no way for me to get the operation paid for. I am lucky enough to have my parents paying for it as a present. So I am doing it with a private clinic.

They have several clinics in the UK and Belgium and gave me the choice. The operation is not done in Northern Ireland so I had the choice to travel either to England or Belgium.

The hospital costs in Belgium are a lot lower than in the UK and the operation has been done there for a lot longer. The surgeon I chose was the most experimented and he speaks french too. I don't know which language I will be speaking when I wake up from the anesthetics as English is not my first language. So having the same first language as him is quite handy.

The package I had with the operation includes a 3 years aftercare program which is done here in Belfast. I am actually meeting my bariatric nurse tomorrow face to face for my pre op check up. I am going to have a bunch of tests done and she sends of everything to the surgeon in Belgium to have for the operation.

Here is my program this week end:


8am - 4pm : work


2am : Taking the bus to Dublin Airport ( 2.5 hour trip)
6am: flight departure
9.30 am: arrival in Brussels
Taxi transfer to our hotel
6pm : meeting with my surgeon's patient care manager


6.30 am: Taxi to the hospital
Night in the hospital

Tuesday :

10 am: taxi back to the hotel


the nurse is visiting me to change my dressings
6pm: taxi transfer to the airport
9.15pm: flight back to Dublin

Bus back to belfast


I think it is going to be quite tiring but it will be well worth it. I wish you all a good evening and will let you know how my appointment went.


  1. Good luck to you! You have a super jam packed schedule. Take it easy on your way home... I know I felt terrible a couple days after surgery... no even sore, just sick. But, it is so worth it!

  2. Make sure they give you some good pain killers for all that moving and travelling.. Will be thinking of you this weekend on your new birthday...

  3. Sounds like a good program, the one you've chosen! It sounds, also, like you've researched and done your homework! :) How very nice of your parents to pay for the surgery!!! :)

  4. Julie, I am assuming that your Surgery is next Monday the 22nd? Sounds like you really researched it out and made the best decision!

    Being able to have your follow up appointments locally is fantastic! Usually when you have the Surgery out of the area, you have to have the follow ups there as well, or pay to go to someone else locally.

    You are doing great and the last week will just fly by!!

  5. Good luck on your trip for surgery. You will do great. I'm just 5 days post-op and am feeling great. This place is the best support system you will ever find. I'll be following your journey so keep us informed.

  6. We are in the same boat. I am traveling to Mexico because I can't get it covered by insurance here (so I am self-pay, my mom is paying half!), it is cheaper in Mexico and the surgeon there is more experienced than most in the USA since it has been legal in Mexico for much longer than here in the USA.

    Anyway, we are getting soooo close! I am trying to get down to the weight they want me at and am getting super anxious since I am not very close yet. I hope I can make it! I am working this preop diet like no one's business, absolutely NO cheating!!

  7. Good luck with everything. I am so excited for you.

  8. Thanks for explaining all that. Sounds like a great choice and at least your follow up is in Belfast