Thursday, 18 February 2010

D-4 Blog Makeover and shopping

Good Evening everyone.

less than 5 days to go now aaaaaaah! I'm really getting nervous now! It is becoming real... I am also very excited but getting really scared now. I can't wait for the surgery to be done, any advise on how to relax before surgery??

My friends Yuna and Jennie are visiting me tomorrow night to wish me good luck and say good bye to the old Julie before she comes back from Belgium reborn. They also have a little surprise for me to bring with me. I will put pictures of what it is tomorrow night.

After work I had to go shopping to buy a few things. There is not a lot of shops where I can buy plus size clothes here so I often go to Evans (not sure if you have it over in America) I had to buy some non-wired bras for after the operation, some slippers, and I wanted to get some tracksuit bottoms to be comfortable on the trip back.
The woman in the shop recognises me everytime (they don't get that many french customers ) she is always very helpful. She asked me what I was after and I told her. She helped me to get the right size of bra, and was wondering why I wanted some non-wired ones. I explained I was undergoing surgery. Then I was looking some tracksuit bottoms with a confortable waistband and she asked again why i didnt want to get some fancier ones. This Lady is always lovely and I know she is trying all sorts of diets as I chatted about that with her before so I thought I could tell her the truth. She was so happy for me and explained her daughter had done it as well and she wished she was brave enough to do it.
She advised me to wear leggings as they were a lot more comfortable and I already have some. She advised me not to spend my money on more expensive clothes as I will not keep them for long. I don't have any shoes to wear with leggings so she found me a pair of boots (UGG style) really warm and comfy, they were half price! I had a dress on top of my jeans today she showed me how nice it looked with leggings and the boots.
I am pleased that this woman did not take advantage of me wanting to buy things and was very honnest with me.

I also got some Hello Kitty Socks in H&M, and pretty slippers.


Good night everybody.


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  2. She sounds like a very nice lady! I agree, save your money, you will NOT need those clothes for long!

  3. Hi Julie :) Thanks for your comment on my blog! SO jealous of your shopping trip to Evans! I always drool over their stuff online, but they don't ship to Canada (can you imagine??) so I've never ordered anything. And yes, I DO have family in NI (my dad is from Belfast and the rest of the gang live in Ballyclare) and I love it there! Evans and Marks & Spencer...heaven! lol!

    Nice to meet of luck with your surgery!!


  4. Good luck on your surgery trip!! You are going to do great :)

  5. Good luck and I just kept busy before my all felt so surreal. I also had a glass of wine the night before ...naughty. That lady sounds like a keeper.

  6. I love helpful shop assistance... They are so nice and they make you want to come back again and again!

  7. Hi Julie
    Gilly just asked me to remove her last name so that is why I deleted my comment.

  8. Hi Julie!!
    I have been nervous since day one, I think that is now being replaced by excitement. I just want it to be over with. Can't wait!