Monday, 5 April 2010

Weigh in day: How is this even possible?

This will probably be the last post for today,

So I weighed in this morning and I lost 0.6 kg. How is this even possible?

Last week I was very good and I exercised 5days/week and I lost 0.1 kg. This week I didnt exercise, I ate chocolate, cake, a lot of bad things, never had a proper meal, just ate things during the day, but I lost more weight...

As long as it goes down I will not try to understand... I am pleased with that. Just another week before my fill. I am looking forward to it as I really need restriction.

Have a good Easter Monday everybody.


  1. It's an Easter miracle! Sometimes our bodies are so damn weird!

  2. Looks like your loss from last week has been delayed somehow, well done on it anyway!

  3. Just roll with it! :)
    Hopefully it doesn't show up to haunt you next week.

  4. Perhaps it helped your metabolism having some different things to eat. I had soooo much chocolate this week and am at a new low too...lets just take it and be good next week so that we don't go the other way!!!! Well done

  5. The scale is such a mystery. Maybe the really good week you had finally caught up and helped offset the bad week. Like you said, when it's moving in the right direction, I don't ask too many questions.

  6. Scales are evil and they lie. Sometimes you are gaining muscle so the scale doesn't register fat loss. Don't worry - keep up the good work no matter what the scale says.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am there for you if you need any help at all. I'll be looking for your post. It is very healing, I think you will be relieved.