Sunday, 11 April 2010

NSV's and first fill tomorrow , and dessert talk to answer Drazil

Hello my friends,

I have spent a few hours on friday trying to do a vlog for you but without success the image and the words wont match...

So I will write all the things I was saying to you in different posts.

On friday I had my weddin dress trial. I ordered my dress before the operation in january. At the time I was a size 26 (28 US size) so i ordered it one size smaller. For some reason although I knew it was going to fit I was so nervous and worried I wouldnt get into it. And the verdict is it is 2 sizes too big!!!

Fortunately I have a good dressmaker who fill do a fitting just one month before the wedding and finish the alterations the week before so the dress fits me then.

I also received my jewellery and finished my invites. I am making favours now. I was showing you everything when I did the vlog but be patient I will make another one showing you many different things.

Another Nsv, I can fit in 3 pair of trousers that were too small for me. And I had to give up several clothes because they are too big. Which means there will be clothes for theones interested to grab soon ( Bonnie I know you are so keep watching I will post pictures soon)

I have my first fill tomorrow and I am scared because I have been so bad with food. I will have definetely put on weight this week. I can't get back on track since the wake and Easter it is very annoying. I will have to watch what I eat this week as I will be back to liquids for 3 days then mushies for 3 days before being back to normal.

I am scared the scales will play an evil trick on me and say I have put on weight to my bariatric nurse. I will have to be honnest with her and tell her I went to the restaurant, had raclette, had chocolate, had chips...

I haven't been exercising properly either because my right heel is very sore. I will show the nurse tomorrow and see what she says. I am scared I have a stress fracture or something like that. When I am sat it is ok but when I walk it hurts a lot.

I hope the nurse wll give me a good fillthat will give me some kind of restriction tomorrow because at the moment I eat too much. I feel like I am always hungry.

We will see tomorrow how the weigh in goes and the first fill too. I will tell you all about it. I am doing a late shift in work but dont get a lot to do in the last 2 hours so will probably update you.

Now talking about dessert, Drazil asked what happened to our libido with weight loss. Well to me I can notice a massive difference. I had reached the point where I was feeling so bad about myself doing anything sexual was scaring me, I felt I didnt deserve it for some reason. And my fiance is great about making me feel prettier but it didnt work anymore because I was hating myself so much.
I havent changed that much yet but the kilos I lost are giving me a bit more confidence in myself. And I think it my fiance notices it because I never changed a thing but he is looking to have dessert a lot more. And I am fine with it. I am enjoying it when before I was just thinking i was not worthy of it.

I hope I didnt "shock" you Drazil, I tried to use a poetic way to describe things.


  1. No shock - love it! And OMG - two sizes too big! THAT IS AWESOME! You are going to be the most beautiful bride evah and your fiance is a lucky lucky man! Smooches!

  2. That is the best feeling when your wedding dress is 2 sizes too big!! Congrats!!