Sunday, 18 April 2010

Bad Blogger.

Hello my little friends,

I am so sorry I am away from blogland at the minute. I have been very busy with wedding preparations.

I have my weigh in tomorrow and I hope to have lost some of the weight I had put back on last week. After my first fill I have to say I don't really feel any difference. I feel a bit tighter when I overeat but I can still eat too much. I hope restriction will be there soon.

Here are all the the thins I have done for the wedding this week:

got my jewellery
got my shoes
tried my dress on and sent it to the dessmaker
made the favours
picked the church music and met the musicians
found james's shoes
got the disposabl cameras
got the guest book
sent all the invites
got my handbag
got my made of honour measured for her dress to be made
ordered post boxes

to come this week:

hair trial
paperwork in the civic centre

I am very excited about the wedding it is all coming together. I need to keep my motivation up for the wieght loss. I hope tomorrow's weigh in will be more positive and i will put me back on tracks.

I am vry sorry about not commenting that much on your blogs at the moment I don't hve a lot of time but I will try and catch up with everything this week.

Have a good week!!


  1. Dont' worry, we forgive you but we have missed you. Its so exciting hearing about your wedding plans. My daughter is getting married next year and we are just getting started with all the planning.

    Good luck on the weigh in tomorrow.

  2. I have missed you, but I know that wedding planning can be stressful and take up all of your time. I am so glad that things are coming together for you!!

  3. I missed you too but you're forgiven!

  4. You've gotten so much accomplished, that's great. Good luck with tomorrow's weigh in.

  5. At least you don't have a lame excuse like work for not commenting. You are totally forgiven. Good luck on the weigh in and the rest of the wedding plans.

  6. Oh, don't worry about it, this is a VERY exciting time!! I loved all the wedding planning, just enjoy it!!

  7. Wedding planning can be so stressful! Enjoy it!!