Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Finally some news....

Hi Guys,

Finally some news. I am very busy lately but very productive.

I realised I didnt update you on my weigh in. I lost 1.5 kg (3.3lbs) last week !!! I was 0.1kg from my lowest but I am happy to have had a good loss.

Today I had my hair trial for the wedding. It will be neater on the day but here are the pictures let me know what you think.

I am so happy to have that sorted. We also registrered our marriage so it is now official we are getting married. We are now sorting the smaller details and I love it.

I also had my birthday present early and it is a sewing machine. I am going to make a waistcoat for our page boy. I love sewing and never had a machine of my own so I am really excited.

I promise you all to come back on your blogs very soon. You are so productive it is hard to keep up when you are busy.

Oh and special message for Nikki. The package arrived today but I was away so will have to collect it at the post office on saturday. This stupid UK government asked me to pay taxes to collect it. I don't understand but apparently the do that... It doesnt matter anyway I cant wait to receive it.

I wish you a good night I am going to sleep.



  1. I love the hair. Very romantic.

  2. Oh yeah. The hair is just beautiful. Look at those ringlets!
    Have fun with your new clothes (when you get them.)

  3. LOVE the hair! Oh Em Gee! It is like so...fairy tale like!!!

    Taxes? on a package? is it because of the stupid volcano? Maybe they are trying to make up lost money from flights? lol...sorry bad joke.

    I am glad it got there though! :) I am still in shock about taxes...thats...well...special...

  4. I love the hair....gorgeous!!!

  5. Love the hair, you look like a princess.

  6. Your hair is gorgeous and such a lovely colour!

  7. Your hair is supper sexy! I can't wait to see the actual wedding pics! <3

  8. You will make the most adorable bride.

  9. Your hairdo is beautiful - you are going to look amazing on the day :-)