Friday, 12 March 2010

Live from Work.

Hello guys,

I thought I would give you some news now that I (unofficially) have access to the internet in work.

I have been on the soft diet since the beginning of the week. It makes a big change as I really feel hunger now. It is hard to be sat all day though it is stretching the skin around the wounds.

Last week I had a reaction to the plaster's glue, now my skin is extremely dry and inflamed where the plasters were I even had blisters there :(, it is getting better now that I use some antiseptic cream on it.

The surgical glue is still on. I removed it on the glue on the skin around the wounds as it was peeling off but i don't know what the actual wounds look like as there is dried blood inside the glue. I don't want to touch anything at the moment. I will see what the nurse says next tuesday.

I will definetely not be getting my first fill then as I won't have tried solid food yet, they will wait until the next appointment. I hope it won't take too long as I am worried of putting on weight at the minute as I can eat more.

I still eat a lot less than I used to even on a diet but I don't know what is normal or not for the band. On tuesday I will also be getting a very precise diet to follow to maximise the weightloss until the wedding. I think it will be easier to just follow this to the letter than having to make my own decisions for the minute.

I have bought 3 band cook books online. I should receive them today or tomorrow. If I find any good recipes, I will share them with you. I like cooking but I need to learn new recipes now.

I usually like to be more structured in my posts but I have been writing this post over 3 hours now. between customers'calls, lunch break and chats. I am very tired today. and coming down with a cold. I hope it will pass soon. I am working tomorrow and then going to the opera to see the sound of music. I am looking forward to that as I am a bid musical fan.

Last night I watched the new episode of america's next top model.(I love this show) and there was 2 plus size models who to me looked even better than the skinny size ones. only one was selected but i think she looks amazing not sure I like HER yest we will see.

just over 3 hours to go. I can't wait to go home. I am going to stop this post now because I could go on and on telling you about completely random things as I am so bored.

Have a good week end.


  1. I had reactions to my staples after my surgery! Of course my Dr. said that he had never seen that kind of reaction before, leave it to me to be the only one! I love planning weddings. I wish I would have become a wedding planner as my career. Have fun at the opera! I love a musical. When my dad and I went to London on vacation a few years ago we saw Cats, it was awesome! I hope you feel better soon.

  2. wishing ya the best of luck
    seems like everyhting went well so far
    and you have agreat attitude bout everything

  3. I was told to take the post-op period to heal and it wasn't expected to lose weight. And of course I didn't once I started eating mushies and real food. But the scales will start to move down as you heal up.

    I too love America's Next Top Model. Hate the nastiness but I love watching them get those strange pics. Next week they promo'd that the girls would be doing nude pics-but they never show much anyway. Have a nice day and get as much rest as you can.

  4. Feel better honey....try to get some rest this weekend.