Sunday, 21 March 2010

Bandster Hell AAAAAAAAAAH!

Good evening Bandworld,

I am here to confess tonight... I ate some chocolate mini eggs... they were here and I am starting the diet my doctor gave me tomorrow so I thought I wouldnt be able to have them then and I could have a few, the only problem being that they are very addictive and I had more than a few. I still had a lot less than I would have had before but I still did have too many of them.

Now I am scared to get on the scales in the morning... I am in bandster hell there is no doubt about it. I am still on soft/normal food but I am worried of starting to eat solid food as I have no restriction whatsoever and my appetite is coming back.

Tomorrow is my first month bandiversary and I would like to reach 11kg (I would need to lose 0.3kg tomorrow).

I spent a few days trying to catch up on all you blogs. I have added all the blogs of my new followers but some of you don't have a link to their blog on their profile so if you follow me but I don't follow you please send me the adress of your blog.

Drazil, I will answer your questions tomorrow. I think they are very funny.

I need to go to bed now but Keep watching this space tomorrow as I have some more posts coming.

Good Night everybody!


  1. Yes, yes answer - then you can get the ho-bag blogger award!

  2. BH sucks! A few choc. eggs will not kill you though....Figure out a way to limit the little suckers!

  3. If you can lose during this rough time, think how great you'll do when you get restriction. Hang in there.

  4. Ouch! Bandster hell sucks. Best news it, it doesn't last.. at least forever. It just feels like it when you're in the thick of things.

  5. Happy 1 month Bandiversary Julie!! And a few little chocolate eggs will not kill you!

  6. I had 3 cadbury eggs tonight. I am not admitting this anywhere but right here!! It's ok, we all suck at this weight loss thing sometimes, right??