Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Third Anniversary and scars evolution

Hello Guys,

I had a great day today, It was our anniversary with James, it has been 3 years we are together. I love him so much. When I got out of work he was waiting for me with a bouquet of red roses. We got home and I did my 30 mins of wii fit (like I have done everyday since monday) and he prepared a nice romantic dinner. We gave eachother cards. He got us tickets for a concert in may and did a very funny thing. I had told him cheesy things were allowed on days like his so he bought me one of my favourite things in the world : french cheese! You can't do cheesier than that :P

I realised today I had tried to take a picture of us a few weeks ago and the camera was set on video and here is the result...

I have been sticking with my 30 mins of wii fit everyday so far so I hope to keep doing that everyday. foodwise I have had a "big dinner" last night and tonight too. We had people over for dinner last night and anniversary dinner tonight. But with the exercise I hope it will still be ok on the scales on monday. I actually didnt eat anything close to what i was eating before the operation.

I am in the middle of 2 sizes at the minute for trousers 26 is too big and 24 is too small but I will soon be sharing clothes with the sisterhood. ( Bonnie I havent forgotten you for clothes there will be some coming soon :))

my scars are looking smaller, nicer, better I am really happy. you can see in the picture below on the left is 2 weeks after the operation and on the right it is at almost 5 weeks after. The improvement has been amazing. I have been using a scar reducing oil called bio oil. It also got rid of my allergic reactions to the plasters. (you can sse the image bigger if you click on it)

I am watching American Idol while writing this blog (I havent seen the result show) and I would just like to say I am a big fan of Crystal Bowersox! She is amazing!

Have a good night and a special thought for Alison who is in her Hotel room waiting to go for surgery tomorrow. Good Luck Alison you will do great. Special thoughts for the ladies who had their operation today :)


  1. wow your scars look great! I too was allergic to the sealant glue they used. I am 5 months out from surgery and my scar (they only made one inscision) is much pinker...I might have to find some bio oil here in the US!

    Love Bowersox too...getting ready to watch the results show :)

  2. Your scars are healing nicely. I use Bio Oil as well, it's supposed to be good for stretch marks as well which I'm hoping will fade along with my scars.

  3. Thanks for keeping me in mind for clothes, Julie. Just wanted to let you know that I tried opening your video, but it said it wasn't available. : (

  4. thank you for letting me know about the video Bonnie it should be working now :)

  5. Happy anniversary. You can already see a difference in your tum tum....I use Bio oil too. You should see the scar I have from an allergic reaction to the steri strip dressing. Ten times worse than the surgery scars....will post soon. By the way you are very pretty and your hair is gorgeous....thats all I noticed on the 2 sec video..LOL

  6. I love crystal too! I really hope she wins. You have now inspired me to go get some bio oild because your scars look great. I dont think mine healed so well cause they look funny.